Soups and Salads Soups and Salads Taco Soup This is an amazing soup, not quite a chilli but great when the fall rolls around. Cook it in the crockpot to make it simple! 185651938 Chicken Tortilla Soup This is the best version of Chicken Tortilla Soup I have ever made! Slightly creamy and a hit of spice with everything nice! 185651939 Shrimp and Corn Chowder Yes guilty of eating the shrimp before snapping the photo! But it is just as delish as it sounds! 185651940 German Green bean soup Love green beans?! Make a soup, this is sure to please! 185651941 Beef Chuck Chilli This one was a contest winner! Make it in the crockpot and your families will be amazed! 185651942 Goulash Love Goulash, pick up my spice blend to set this dish off! Add your own heat and combine what noodles you love! 185651943 Oma's German Potato Salad Always a crowd pleaser! There are so many German potato salads but this is one of my favorites! 185651944 Chick pea and Spinach Salad Serve alone or as a base to some fish or top another salad! Any way you choose to serve this dish will be amazing! 185651945 French Onion soup An all-time favorite! The secret is in the broth! Order gluten free and don't miss out! 185651946 Red Cabbage Salad Great versatile dish! Think you hate red cabbage, try this and you will be changed forever! This is great alone or on top of sandwiches! 185651947 Black Bean and Corn Salad Party favorite! Amazing flavors of balsamic and spices, use as a salad or a dip! Serve also with different meats and fishes to create your own amazing dish! 185651948