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A Pinch of German

Where we never compromise on taste or quality!

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Photo Gallery

Main Dishes Main Dishes Rouladan My favorite German rolled beef- my favorite! Makes its own gravy! Fancy enough for a dinner party and can be cooked in the crockpot! 185652714 Frikadellan Similar to mini meatloafs these hamburgers can be served hot, cold or room temperature. Use them in sauce or subs great quick anytime meal! 185652715 Cabonara In this version it is GF pasta with bacon and broccoli! Great meal anytime! 185652716 Chicken Roulade Roulade meaning rolled meat! This version with pancetta, onions and cheese is rich yet light and an explosion of flavor! 185652717 Brats with Kraut German Sausages with sauerkraut and potato salad! This recipe is for the sauerkraut not the sausages! 185652718 German breakfast This is a hidden freebie as there is nothing to it! German rye bread, butter and muenster cheese. And the other is with German Deli meat, ham in this case which is similar to prosciutto! 185652719 Corn beef and cabbage Simple one pot meal amazingly delicious! 185652720 Schitzel This is as German as you can get! German meat cutlets! Flavored with my Schnitzel spice, breaded and cooked to perfection! Serve cold, warm or room temperature and you are sure to make your guests happy! Be sure to pick up my Schnitzel spice! 185652721 Kale and Kielbasa This is surprisingly amazing! Protein packed and super simple one pot meal! You will be satisfied with this one! 185652722 Quick and easy stir fry Love to eat on the go this is a 10 minute wonder, and packed with garlic and ginger! 185652723 Meatloaf It is old fashioned yet necessary. Use turkey or your favorite ground meat and with this super moist loaf you are sure to please! 185652724 Pork chops A Challenge for some, these fool proof chops are flavored with my house spice, super moist and packed with flavor! 185652725 Chicken Schnitzel Devine Amazing oven baked chicken is a kid favorite and loved by adults! 185652727 Smoked Chops with Kraut Love this one pot beer infused dish! Cooks quickly and tastes amazing! 185652728 Pomegranite Quinoa with Scallops House spice Scallops served with an amazing pomegranate almond salad! Healthy and super protein packed! 185652729