Desserts Desserts German Stollen Bread pudding Put a spin on your tradition and Love it! The GF version is cinnamon walnut raison bread! 186134919 GF Lemon Bars The most delicious Lemon Bars you could ever make and they are gluten free! 186134920 GF Strawberry Rhurbarb Lemon Bars The Best of all worlds! This is not overly sweet but amazing and satisfying to the best of bars! 186134921 Saltine Bark This is a quick and easy versatile dessert! Package up for homemade gifts! GF Version available- specify when ordering 186134922 German butter cookies These are so much fun and better then sugar cookies! And yes there is a GF version as well! 186134923 GF German Baked Pancakes I love these German Baked Pancakes they pop up in the oven and are crispy and flaky and a tiny bit custardy! They double as a great holder for some icecream! 186134924 Mascarpone Apple Ravioli These are amazing and just became an award winner! I will figure out a GF version of these by the time you order! These are worth the time and effort to make! Freeze and serve on demand! 186134925 GF Apple Crisp Fresh apples and cider! What more can you ask for?! I have several different versions of this recipe this is the base recipe! I am happy to provide alternatives! 186134926 GF German Plum Cake This is a big tradition in Germany! And to make it now.. this recipe is killer! 186134927 GF Apple Butter Pound Cake If you love pound cake you will love this apple infused version! It has subtle flavors of apple, cinnamon and nutmeg, with a lemon zested powder topping! 186270649 Lemon Cake This is a heavenly lemon cake! Delicate flavors of lemon topped with a pillow of clementine and lemon flavored cream cheese frosting! 186270650 GF Butter Cookies These are soft inside and great tasting, almost reminiscent of the Greek those cookies.. add some crushed almonds to it and wow what a treat!! 186270651 GF Pumpkin Cornbread Everything great about fall and the south! Great twist to plain old cornbread! The chocolate adds the perfect amount of sweet and creamy to these wonderful tasting muffins! 186270652 GF Pumpkin Walnut Cake How amazing is this?! Yellow cake mixed with pumpkin and toasted walnuts! What more can I say?! Topped with my signature pumpkin butter cream cheese frosting! 186270653 GF Chocolate Pumpkin Cake with Goji Berries and Candied walnuts Incredibly moist devils food cake infused with pumpkin, gogi berries and home made candied walnuts! Topped with my signature Pumpkin Spiced cream cheese frosting! 186270654 GF Mascarpone Caramel Apple Pie Everything great about the holidays all went into this pie! The name says it all! Too bad you can't smell it but order it or the recipe and your kitchen can smell just as great! 186270655 GF Chocolate Chip Cookie Bark I love lindt chocolate, cranberries and candy pecans! So After a cookie fiasco- I came up with these it is the best of all worlds! White and milk chocolate, pecans and craisons... YUM 187216092 GF Peppermint Rum Chocolate Cake Nothing like the holidays to bring out the peppermint! This was a take off on some cupcakes I made for a show- they were so delicious capturing all of the winter blending flavors! 187216093 GF Pumpkin Pie I LOVE Pumpkin pie, nothing like the classics... in this GF version of everything great at Thanksgiving! 187216094 GF Apple Cranberry Pie Again I love mixing flavors- which is what I did with this specialty pie! And the crust is thin and delish! 187216095